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Dirk Oehlerking


Born with a mixture of oil and gasoline in his blood, Dirk is now one of the world's most recognized customizers.


Growing up in Hanover, the rural surroundings were a paradise to live out his passion for everything that has an engine and 2 wheels. 

He left home for his first motocross race and returned with his first winner's trophy. He rode a borrowed Yamaha and wore rubber boots.


In 1985 he became German champion and took part in the world championship in Spain. By the time his display case eventually burst, he had racked up more than 230 trophies and awards in the years that followed.


But it is not only on the race track that he excels, rather his professional experience in the metalworking industry and in the motorcycle sector have made him a professional and specialist in all the related skills and abilities. Among other things, he was part of the team of the Styling Garage in Hamburg, where luxury limousines were rebuilt and refined. 



However, his special technical talent, passion and creativity have always been devoted to individual, extraordinary motorcycles. 


And that is exactly what he has been living out in full intensity in the Ruhr area for 30 years now. He loves the open, down-to-earth nature of the people here, the industrial culture and what is especially important, the proximity to industry and crafts, an extremely valuable network and a great photo backdrop for him and his bikes.


Kingston Custom .... a passion for life              


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